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Controlled ambient (+15°C to +25°C)
Refrigerated (+2°C to +8°C)
Frozen (-25°C to -15°C)
Deep Frozen (-80°C to -60°C)

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Pharmaceutical and health science companies rely on COLD STAR to provide flexible, temperature controlled transportation and distribution programs that adhere to the unique characteristics of their industry. Dedicated specifically to these requirements, COLD STAR has the infrastructure and skills in place to provide innovative cold chain logistics.


COLD STAR offers regulated and verified temperature-controlled shipping, under the supervision of specially trained personnel. Our most advanced transportation shippers feature on-board sensors and recorders that are able to transmit data the temperature of shipment from pickup to delivery, in real time. Continuous product monitoring increases security and transparency in the supply chain for all our customers, such as pharma, manufacturing or shipping companies.


Consumer goods (or consumer packaged or fast-moving consumer goods) include range of products – from foods and beverage to personal care, home care and stationary. These goods touch many facets of our everyday lives and as such, rely on a complex yet efficient range of supply chain solutions to get where they are needed 24/7/365.

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2017 77%
2018 81%
2019 92%

Our consistent deliverance of qualified and validated services has only increased the progress of in Cold Star during the past year. Our ability to deliver excellence continues to acquire the respect and business of new customers every day.




Pakistan’s First Guaranteed Cold Chain Storage Solution

Are you an FMCG, pharmaceutical, healthcare or life sciences company? Are you looking for a company that understands your needs of cold chain management and deliveries? Then choose Cold Chain transportation in Pakistan with Cold Star! Cold Star strives to exceed your expectations by understanding your exact needs. We provide timely deliveries across Pakistan using modern cold chain logistics and shipment facilities for cold storage goods with real time logistics tracking. Cold Star is the number one choice of the healthcare industry’s logistics needs for offering effective cold chain solutions that are necessary for saving lives.

Cold Star is a product of BNS Logistics, a market leader in logistics, distribution and transportation since 1974. BNS’s cold chain logistics has been surpassing customer expectations since its inception in 2004. Our equipment is designed specifically to ensure goods requiring cold storage reach their intended locations intact, while maintaining the perfect temperature for preservation of goods.

Cold Star provides biomedical companies with temperature-controlled verified and validated shippers, that are monitored a by a highly qualified team of experts along with shipping, operational and regulatory documentation.

Cold Star utilises the latest technology available to transmit temperature data for your shipments real time. We integrate up-to-the-minute technology by incorporating on-board sensors and recorders which transmits data pertaining to the status of goods in real time. We extend our cold storage logistics to pharmaceutical companies that require flexible distribution and transportation programs. Our healthcare supply chain also provides excellence in innovative cold chain logistics which is necessary for life sciences.

FMCG is another sector we cater to and meet highly demanding requirements. Our dedicated teams of trained experts ensure smooth supply chain of consumer goods such as foods, beverages, home care and various other cold storage products to be delivered across Pakistan with around the clock service delivery.

In addition to logistics management, we also provide businesses with special value-added services to ease the whole process. Our additional services include flexible packaging, guaranteed temperature control, 24-hour express delivery, online tracking, door-to-door services, 50-point quality control and multiple logistics channels. This ensures absolute transparency of the entire procedure while maintaining convenience and quality being our utmost priority.

Stemming from BNS Logistics, a 45 year-old veteran in logistics and supply chain, Cold Star is designed to live up to the high standards we have set for successful and smooth services. COLDSTAR offers all our customers, from pharma companies to a housewife, an internationally validated and verified Cold Chain management system. We provide businesses an attention to detail ensuring a long-term bond of trust and reliability.

ColdStar is enjoying such success owing to our team of highly trained and devoted experts as well as impeccable services that are designed for seamless and uninterrupted temperature-sensitive deliveries. Alongside our cold chain and health care logistics, we offer value added services custom designed for each of our customers.

ColdStar prides itself on being a mainframe contributor to life sciences as well as becoming a part of a chain of process in saving lives. Choose Cold Star as your logistics partner – contact us and become one step closer to being the star-studded apex of success.


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